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Glad you’re thinking about Clemson as your next university. One of the things you will learn as a Masters / PhD student is how to look for answers, and read information from academic papers. We encourage you to start preparing now, and start with reading the articles we have for you.

We know you’re excited, tense and curious at the same time, and we want to answer your questions. However, just like you, others have the same questions and most of these questions have been answered before. Most graduate students are very busy and do not opt to assist because the life of a graduate student isn’t easy.

We request that you help us help you, by reading the following before asking questions:

When Applying to Clemson

Median scores for different majors

Read the older information first. It may be outdated, but a lot of it is still valid.

Previously and Frequently Asked Questions.

Read guide on how to be a good graduate student and how to get funding (links inside).

After Admission:

Activate your Clemson Email account 

Read the Previously and Frequently Asked Questions.

Read Noobs Guide to Clemson

Read the Guides section for guides on selecting your apartment, paying fees, setting up electricity and water


Once you’ve read these, ask your questions in the following groups:

Syllabus / Coursework / Research / Admission related questions:

Example Bad Question:

I have admits from UNCC and Clemson for Mechanical Engineering. Which is a better option?

Why is this a bad question:

Graduate School in Clemson is heavily research oriented. Most professors will try and push you towards doing a thesis, even if you originally don’t plan to do so, and many students enjoy doing a thesis.

At this level, we can’t comment if something will work or not work for you without knowing about you and your interests or your life goals.

Example Bad Question 2:

I’ve heard Clemson is in a small city and it is hard to get jobs. Is this true?

Why is this a bad question:

While it is true Clemson is a small city, the chances of you getting a job depend on how good you are at 1) Job hunts 2) Making yourself job worthy. We’ve seen students not find jobs forever and others find jobs very quickly because they did internships and other beneficial activities in their 2 years at Clemson.

Example Bad Question 3:

I have an admit from Clemson CPSC. I am interested in getting a masters and finding a job soon after. How are the jobs in Clemson?

Why is this a bad question:

This is a Frequently asked question and the answer shows up in the Previously Asked Questions linked above. You didn’t read the document and seniors don’t want to bother answering questions that have been answered before.

Example Good Question

I have an admit from Clemson ECE Intelligent Systems and NCSU Electronics. I’m interested in working on UAV navigation using image processing and control systems. I have undergraduate experience with line following robots and IP using Open CV. Which university is better for me?

Example Good Question 2 

I have an admit from Clemson CPSC. I am interested in getting a masters and finding a job soon after. I am interested in Virtualization and Cloud Technologies. Does Clemson have courses or professors working on this?

Example Good Question 3

I am interested in working with Thermal Fluid Dynamics and read Dr. Brigsavski’s paper on The behavior of fluids under electric stimulation. Is he still working on this?

We hope you come to Clemson!


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7 Responses

  1. ashwani thakur says:

    I got an Admit for MS in mechanical for 2016,I just want to know from where can i see my i20 amount as it is not mentioned in emails or website, so that i can prepare my financial docs accordingly.
    Ashwani thakur.

  2. kshittiz kumar says:

    can you tell me about the ms in cs program at Clemson i.e how good it is and what are the job opportunites afterwards?

  3. Yokhesh says:

    I am interested in doing Ms in electrical engineering with a specialization in robotics.
    can you tell me whether robotic based courses are offered during the fall semester?

  4. Ayruk says:

    I am interested in joining clemson University for masters in Civil engineering with specialization in Structural engineering. I have a prof 309 GRE, 7.70 CGPA. I would like to know how is Civil dept in Clemson University.


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