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Welcome to Clemson! You’re finally out of our comfort zone and ‘out there in the world’. Let’s make your initial days out here a little bit smoother with this guide.   CLEMSON UNIVERSITY STARTER PACK: Things to Carry Passport I20 Some money     Buses   Short version: Find directions using public transport on google…
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Review: Le Mans

Reviewer: Nandeesh Editor: Surya Location: 806 (or 807) College Avenue aka Lemans Apartments : Nandeesh has previously lived in India. Nandeesh is continuing at Lemans Located on College Avenue, this apartment complex is a straight 2 km from Cooper Library. Do not think any other apartment comes closer to the bus stop which is literally 45 seconds…
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CISA Summer Edition: Kayaking

Spending your summer at Clemson? Its time to make good use of Clemson’s CORE facilities. Kayak and Canoe rentals are free on Weekdays. Check CORE’s website for timings (10:30 AM – 4:30 PM usually). Then you can leave the land… and try out some acrobatics. Just make sure you know how to swim. Explore the forest…
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Important Buildings you will need to visit during your first few days at Clemson

Here’s a list of places you will have to visit once you reach Clemson, and a suggested order of getting to them Full Map Red Bus Bus Stop Find the closest bus stop to your house, and take the Red bus to Sikes Hall. Sikes Hall Take the Red CATbus to Sikes hall. This is…
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Places to Eat – Driving Distance

Bored of food in Clemson? Got a car? Check off this list of places with good food! [Map] ($) Cheap [$5 – $7] ($$) Medium [$9 – $15] ($$$) – Expensive [$18+] Clemson Super Taco ($$) – Mexican Food Seneca: Paw’s Diner ($) – American Food Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe ($$) – Wraps, Gyros, and…
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General Accommodation Guide

Author: Priya Das Updates: Surya [Link to CISA Article] If you are reading this article, welcome to Clemson. Some basic notes: This article was written in first person. It has now been updated for 2019, but I didn’t bother changing some text. Clemson is unlike other universities. Living expenses are much cheaper than other universities,…
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Review: Tillman Place

Author: Neha Paddillaya Editor: Surya Neha has previously lived in: None Neha is moving to: Tillman Place 2 Bed Alright guys, it’s that time of year again… Time to go apartment hunting! I know it’s exhausting and sometimes pretty stressful to think about, especially for people arriving here who don’t know too much about what comes…
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Getting to Atlanta Airport

Why go to Atlanta Airport? Domestic flights are sometimes cheaper from Atlanta than from Greenville airport. Getting to Atlanta can cost about $80 – $90, and takes longer, so I only recommend flying out of Atlanta if you are saving more than $100. Also, this is foolproof only if your flight is after 12 PM.…
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Sales and Black Friday

OH MY GAWD! ITS BLACK FRIDAY!! Yes. Yes it is. If you’re a member of CISA, there’s a good chance you’ve traveled 13568 kilometers to shop in America on this holy grail of sales that you had only heard of. While Black Friday is a great experience, the concept of sales on Black Friday is…
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