Getting to Atlanta Airport

Getting to Atlanta Airport

Why go to Atlanta Airport?

Domestic flights are sometimes cheaper from Atlanta than from Greenville airport. Getting to Atlanta can cost about $80 – $90, and takes longer, so I only recommend flying out of Atlanta if you are saving more than $100. Also, this is foolproof only if your flight is after 12 PM.

How do you get to Atlanta Airport?

Follow the directions at this link: Google Navigation

In short

  1. You will take an Amtrak train to Atlanta Peachtree Station from Clemson Amtrak Station at 5.40 AM. Book Tickets here. The coach seat usually costs between $28 – $35.
  2. You will then take a bus from this Station to the Marta local train station. This costs $2
  3. From the Marta station, you take a train to ATL, which is the last stop and reach around 9 AM. This costs $5


How do I get back to Clemson?

The same way. Use google maps to check which MARTA trains to take, multiple train options are available at times. Ask for directions from ATL to Clemson Amtrak.



  • The Amtrak can be late. Sometimes it is late by as much as 2 – 3 hours.
  • Security Check In at Atlanta can take more than an hour during peak hours.
  • If your flight is taking off before 12 AM, there is a risk you can miss the train.
  • If you miss the Amtrak train while coming back to Clemson, and don’t have a a place to live. Ask on the CISA group. We have alumni in Clemson who may allow you to crash for a night and take the train the next day.
  • If you miss or don’t take the Amtrak, your ticket amount is refunded to you, so make sure you get it back.

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