Welcome to Clemson! You’re finally out of our comfort zone and ‘out there in the world’. Let’s make your initial days out here a little bit smoother with this guide.



Things to Carry

  1. Passport
  2. I20
  3. Some money



  • Buses


Short version: Find directions using public transport on google and follow them. For example, from University Place to Martin Hall, or Le Mans to Martin Hall.You can even print these if you feel like.

Install the ‘Clemson Rider’ app or use this page to track buses near to you. If you’re staying in Lemans, bus comes right outside the door for you lucky people. If you’re staying in the areas like University Place, University Terrace, the Red bus comes at sonic at every 10th and 40th minute of the hour (atleast that has been the time for the past year, check your app), Even google maps will be able to help you out to track buses. The Red bus will take you to campus, walmart etc. If you’re staying in those areas and wanna get back from campus, Sikes Hall will a good place to wait. You’ll eventually learn other places. And you wanna get down at College Ave @ Calhoun/Amtrak stop.

Some rules apply to buses. Red bus is free! Never enter from the back door. Wait for everyone to get off the bus first and then enter when the driver signals. There’s only one way to enter a bus and that’s from the front. Any of the doors can be used for exiting the bus. The bus has specific stops and will only stop at the stops. You need to pull the yellow cord / push a stop button to make a stop request. Ask your seniors to show around and observe how and what people are doing and learn 🙂


For more info on bus stops on the Red Route see Note towards central means towards Clemson University (from UP / Le Mans). Towards Clemson means to UP / Lemans from University.


  • How to cross the road.


Always use the zebra-crossing to cross the roads. It’s illegal to cross in an area without a zebra-crossing, and you might get ticketed for jay-walking if caught. Places near the traffic signal have a button on the signal pole. Use this to wait for your turn to cross. The light turns green when the traffic parallel to your direction of crossing starts. Cars have to wait for you to cross if you are on the road, so don’t hesitate because it confuses everyone. The same rule applies to when you are crossing in a location without zebra crossing. If it looks like you want to cross, cars will stop to let you cross. Just walk in a normal manner, you don’t need to run like you would in your native country. Please don’t cross a road with traffic lights unless the pedestrian signal is green.


  • How to connect to Clemson Wi-fi


Clemson Wi-fi is called eduroam and it will be in and around all the University buildings. To connect, your username is your Clemson iroar ID without the g. In it. For example : My ID for eduroam is . Password is your Clemson iroar password.


  • How to print things – On a library computer, just print to CCIT Lab Printers, and then go to a printer with a card reader and swipe your card, or use your username and password.


  • Visit Redfern Health Center


You will probably get an email stating dates to get vaccination shots from them. Go there and take your shots and there’ll also be some sort of a registration. You can submit your immunization history if you have to get the shots waived off. You can choose to waive off the vaccines if you don’t wish to get them but there will be some shots that are compulsory. (Please take the influenza shot, helps you a lot)


  • Visit Hendrix Student Centre


You will get your ID Card there on the ground floor at the Tiger One office.


  • Visit PNC Bank


Open a bank account here. Let them know you’re a CISA member and they will not request a secondary ID. You will only need your Passport.


  • Eat Something


There’s Ice cream at 55 exchange (take a right from Tiger One office or PNC Bank)

For food, take a left instead and go to the food court, or head to the 2nd floor for Einstein bagels and coffee.

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