Important Buildings you will need to visit during your first few days at Clemson

Here’s a list of places you will have to visit once you reach Clemson, and a suggested order of getting to them

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Red Bus Bus Stop

Find the closest bus stop to your house, and take the Red bus to Sikes Hall.

Sikes Hall

Sikes Hall

Take the Red CATbus to Sikes hall. This is the closest location on campus. From here, walk to the other locations.

Martin Hall

Martin Hall

This is where international Services is, give them a visit if you need to.

Cooper Library

Cooper Library

Get prints, scans and check out equipment here, along with notary services.

Redfern Health Center

This is where you will have to go for TB testing and any shots you have to take.

PNC Bank @ Hendrix Student Center

Go here to get yourself a free bank account. Make sure you have your passport with you.

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