How to select your room mates.

Setting up your apartment, electricity and water.

General Accommodation Guide

Suggested places for apartments (old, but valid)

Please set up your apartment as soon as possible, this can be done before you reach Clemson, and is recommended. This will allow you to live in your own apartment rather than be in temporary accommodation.

You want to live at 220 Elm Street, or 807 College Avenue, or 806 College Avenue or 813 College Avenue. Why? These locations are near the bus stops towards the university, and also at a walkable distance. Most of your friends and seniors will be living here. In your first year, you want to be able to get good grades, and when it comes to friends + studying with friends, most students are here. Sometimes new students will opt to live in other locations, only to move to these locations in their second year because having your friends around and being able to study together makes a big difference to your grades.

Setting up a bank account

How to pay your fees using SWIFT

How to pay fees in instalments (for non funded students). Funded students should use Graduate Payment plan in iroar.

Medicines to get

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