F1 Student Tax Payment

Last day to file taxes July 15th.


  1. 1040-NR EZ
  2. And form 8843- fill only student details.
  3. Schedule NR
  4. State tax form


  • W2 form (Download)
  • Wages, tips, other compensation
  • Federal income tax withheld
  • State income tax
  • SSN


1040 Form

  • Enter your Name, Identification number(SSN), Address, Status.
  • Copy Wages, tips, other compensation amount to 3,7,10g.
  • Fill in 11 according to the instructions
  • Enter 0(zero) in 6,14,15,17
  • Copy Federal income tax withheld amount to 18a,21,22,23a.
  • Enter your bank routing number and account number in 23b, d and check respectively in c
  • Fill in the Sign here column. (Occupation -Student)

Schedule OI—Other Information

  • Fill in the form according to your details
  • G. ( Date you entered USA – available in I-94 form)
  • H. ( Number of days in USA since you entered )

8840 Form

  • Enter your Name and Identification number (SSN)
  • Enter details in Part-I and Part-III
  • Sign


  • Enter your Name and SSN
  • Enter Wages, salaries, tips, in 1,16,31, 44(column b)
  • Fill in 45,46,47

State form

  • Enter SSN, Name, Address, Contact no.
  • Check Non- Resident, Status
  • Enter SC income tax withheld in 16,23,24,30
  • Check 26
  • Enter Bank Details in 30
  • Sign
  • Enter SSN on top of every page

Address to mail the documents

State tax: ( Schedule NR, State form)

SC1040 Processing Center

PO Box 101100

Columbia, SC 29211

Federal: ( Form 8843, 1040NR-EZ)

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Austin, TX 73301-0215