General Accommodation Guide

General Accommodation Guide

Author: Poojitha 

Update: MAY 2020

Congratulations on your admit to Clemson University guys.

The name Clemson University gives you expectations of a good Campus life and surroundings.

Clemson unlike other university is on the low expenditure side with includes accommodation as well.

There are many apartments which 2 Bedroom and 4 Bedroom as well. Most people have their own rooms and prefer the 4 bedroom apartments.

Most of the Indian Community Lives in:

Taking into consideration of being new to Clemson, adjusting to the atmosphere it would be easy to stay close to the Indian Community. This also helps you a lot in having Indian atmosphere.  Cricket, Football games, Potlucks, Festival celebrations have always been part of these places.

Other than the above mentioned places few people lives in the below:

  • Calhoun Complex
  • University Village
  • Both located in Calhoun St.

There are other Apartments with higher budgets at

  • Clemson Lofts
  • The Ridge

P.S: They are a bit away from the campus

How to get an apartment:

1) First pick your room mates and decide if you are living in a 2 bed or 4 bed apartment.

2) Go to the property manager websites and look at listings. They usually have an address. Put this address on Google Maps, and make sure it is in the general area of Option A.

3) Call/Email the property manager and check for availability, and ask how you can sign the lease.

Example script: “Hey I’m looking for a 4 bed 2 bath apartment (at 220 Elm Street (optional)). Is unit 112 available?

If Yes: Great. What’s the move in date? Okay. I’m a new international student. How do I go ahead and sign the lease?”

If No: What other units are available?

4) Set up electricity and water. You can’t move in without these two set up. Please read the guides for this.

They would require your i20 copy as proof. (very rare but they might require your parents to fill in application for co-signer)

Property Managers 

You have to rent out a property from a property manager. They may not know the name of a location (University Place), so use the address if they get confused (220 Elm Street). Pro tip: Use “living room” instead of hall. Go to their website and look for available locations.

It helps if you look around the map and learn what different places / streets are called.

  1. Foothills Property Management (
  2. Tiger Properties – ( )
  3. Carolina Real Estate – ( )
  4. Advantage Property Management – ( )
  5. Clemson Lofts – ( )
  6. The Gallery
  7. Direct House – Owners ( I have no idea )Please don’t ask seniors to personally sort the rental thing out for you (unless you know someone personally). Everything is possible via email. Contact just in case of emergencies. However, I don’t see any emergency arising in this issue.

Things to look into while choosing an apartment:

  • Utilities can go upto $60 (water and Electricity)
  • Apartment rent would range from $1000 – $1500(4 Bedroom)
  • Whichever accommodation you choose, see to it that it lies close to or next to a CAT Red Route Bus Stop (
  • Get started with finalizing on your apartment as soon as possible because you might lose out on good apartments.
  • So for the above thing to happen, get started on selecting roommates. (use the housing whatsapp group)
  • Make Google your best friend in this situation. Otherwise we’re there to help. But keep us as a backup option if google fails, and not the other way round.
  • There are pros and cons to every place. Ask people who currently stay there for what they think about their place.

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