General Accommodation Guide

General Accommodation Guide

Author: Priya Das Updates: Surya

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If you are reading this article, welcome to Clemson.

Some basic notes:

This article was written in first person.

It has now been updated for 2019, but I didn’t bother

changing some text.

Clemson is unlike other universities. Living expenses are much cheaper than other universities,

so people prefer getting their own bedrooms. It is rare for people to share bedroom, but happens

if students are trying to save money. Also, housing searches are confusing.

There are lots of things that aren’t told to you if you don’t ask.

For example, you can negotiate the price on the rent,

or ask for discounts.

Here is an example of a file we used to take notes for potential apartments.

You will have to make a few decisions before you start selecting apartments.

1) Whats your budget – Recommended $350 – $450 including utilities.

2) Do you want to live in walking distance to campus

If you are okay with the budget above, and prefer living within walking distance.

Please read option A. However, option A might have limited apartments left at this point

of time.


Option A



Walking distance to campus

Most Indians live in this area, so you can study together which

is the most important thing you’ll do in your first year.

Students not living here often end up here studying with their classmates.

All houses here are similar and Indians have been looking at them for the last

25+ years. Looking at them or a senior looking at them

will not necessarily help you in any way.

Accommodation Options [Google Map]

University Place [Review] Rent is 900 – 1200 USD for 4 bedroom 2 bath.

  • Le Mans (806 / 807 / 820 College Avenue) [Review]
  • University Place [Review]
  • Tillman Place [Review]
  • Village Green
  • Anywhere near Calhoun Street

Many more are there but I’m not aware of them. These are the places where most of my friends stay. I stay in University Place which is sort of like mini India. The lease on these is for the entire aparment (or unit), so if someone wants to leave early,

they still have to keep paying rent till the lease is over, or find a sublease. If you want to be on the hook for

your bedroom only, go for option B below.

How to get an apartment for option A:

1) First pick your room mates and decide if you are living in a 2 bed or 4 bed apartment.

2) Go to the property manager websites and look at listings. They usually have an address. Put this address on Google Maps, and make sure it is in the general area of Option A.

3) Call property manager and check for availability, and ask how you can sign the lease.

Example script: “Hey I’m looking for a 4 bed 2 bath apartment (at 220 Elm Street (optional)). Is unit 112 available? Great. What’s the move in date? Okay. I’m a new international student. How do I go ahead and sign the lease?”

4) Set up electricity and water. You can’t move in without these two set up. Please read the guides for this.

Property Managers 

You have to rent out a property from a property manager. They may not know the name of a location (University Place), so use the address if they get confused (220 Elm Street). Pro tip: Use “living room” instead of hall. Go to their website and look for available locations.

It helps if you look around the map and learn what different places / streets are called.

  1. Foothills Property Management (
  2. Tiger Properties – ( )
  3. Carolina Real Estate – ( )
  4. Advantage Property Management – ( )
  5. Clemson Lofts – ( )
  6. The Gallery
  7. Direct House – Owners ( I have no idea )Please don’t ask seniors to personally sort the rental thing out for you (unless you know someone personally). Everything is possible via email. Contact just in case of emergencies. However, I don’t see any emergency arising in this issue.

Option B:

You are okay living away from campus (non-walking distance), but don’t have a car.

Benefits: You don’t need to look for room mates for some of these locations.

Swimming pools and gyms. If you go with option A the on campus gym is better than any

of these.

These locations are available from big companies, but some property managers (previous list) might have a unit or two.


Currently the cheapest at $299 + utils (you will have to ask for the special).

The rooms are sized similarly to University Place.

You will most probably not be living with Indians here. They assign you a room, you can’t select one.

They try to match room mates (whatever that means).

The shared bathrooms are a little weird where the wash basins are in a common area.

2) University Village: A lot of Indians have lived here before. You could find this apartment

from a property manager.

The floor sizes are nice.

3) Campus Evolution: Similar to the above ones, you get a room. I think these had the smallest rooms of all.


TIPS 1) Whichever accommodation you choose, see to it that it lies close to or next to a CAT Red Route Bus Stop ( 2) Get started with finalizing on your apartment as soon as possible because you might lose out on good apartments. 3) So for the above thing to happen, get started on selecting roommates. 4) Make Google your best friend in this situation. Otherwise we’re there to help. But keep us as a backup option if google fails, and not the other way round. 5) There are pros and cons to every place. Ask people who currently stay there for what they think about their place. 6) Read –

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