Review: Le Mans

Review: Le Mans

 Reviewer: Prathmesh             Editor: Poojitha

Latest Update: May 2020

Congrats! on your admit to Clemson Unversity. Amonst all the other stress of admission process, moving and farewells, we know housing is on your mind too. Here is a small review from my end to help you out a bit in choosing your accomodations.


Located on College Avenue, this apartment complex is a straight 1.5 km from Cooper Library. Do not think any other apartment comes closer to the bus stop which is literally 45 seconds from the farthest door.

806 and 807 College Avenue aka Lemans Apartments

Property Managers:
The apartments are exactly the same but are now managed by different property managers
806 College Ave:
807 College Avenue: Cell: 8647840059


Laundry is not in house and is located in a common room for all apartments @ 3-4$ a load for wash and dry.

Lease Term: 12 Months

Price and Floor Plan:

All apartments are 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom and are fully furnished

600$-$750 a month / 2 bed + $100 electricity (if you use lavishly)

$60 Water + $60 for Internet per month

Near By:

The apartment is walking distance to, Walgreens, Post office, Starbucks (All less than 500m) and university if you are open to walking 1.5 km (15 mins).

Pros: lots of space, big kitchen, comfortable house.

Cons: Electricity bills are high in winter (3 months a year) but can be reduced by using a space heater over the central heating, I’ve had as low as $30 a month as well.

Some of the apartments are not that great but they have now they have done mass refurbishing. If you can get in touch with a senior to look over the place before you sign the lease, that would be ideal. Just don’t bug too many people for this. I personally really like my apartment and find it a very nice place to be.

You will never actually meet the landlord but things have run smoothly for a year and I have extended the lease for another year. This is at 806 college avenue.

Personal Review:

Overall experience is that it’s a nice peaceful place, less roommates makes things easier in household chores, the rooms and beds are bigger than any other housing where most Indians stay and is perfect place if you like to work with very less interference and disturbance.

The only downside of living in these apartments is the cost, it is almost 100-150$ higher than the 4-bedroom apartments per month, but if that’s the trade you are willing to make for some peace then its worth it.

Wishing you the Best from my end. Go Tigers!

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  1. Charmin says:

    I would like to know if the place is safe and does it have infestation due to bed bugs,roaches and if it could be leased by anyone/just university students

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