Review: Le Mans

Review: Le Mans

Reviewer: Nandeesh Editor: Surya


806 (or 807) College Avenue aka Lemans Apartments :

Nandeesh has previously lived in India.

Nandeesh is continuing at Lemans

Located on College Avenue, this apartment complex is a straight 2 km from Cooper Library. Do not think any other apartment comes closer to the bus stop which is literally 45 seconds from the farthest door.

All apartments are 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom

Amenities: Nothing. Landry is not in house and is located in a common room for all apartments @ 2.5$ a load for wash and dry.

Price: 550$ a month / 2 bed + $55 electricity + $45 Water + $30 – $45 Internet

The apartment is walking distance to Rite-aid, Walgreens, Post office, Starbucks (All less than 500m) and university if you are open to walking 2km (20 mins).

Pros: lots of space, big kitchen, comfortable house.

Cons: Electricity bills are high in winter(3 months a year) but can be reduced by using a space heater over the central heating.

Some of the apartments are not that great. If you can get in touch with a senior to look over the place before you sign the lease,that would be ideal. Just don’t bug too many people for this. I personally really like my apartment and find it a very nice place to be.

Property manager:

Website never worked but you can mail them at the given id and hear from them. You will never actually meet the landlord but things have run smoothly for a year and I have extended the lease for another year.

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  1. Charmin says:

    I would like to know if the place is safe and does it have infestation due to bed bugs,roaches and if it could be leased by anyone/just university students

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