Review: Tillman Place

Review: Tillman Place

Author: Kushal Jadhav Editor: Poojitha

Latest Update: May 2020

Hey Guys. Congratulations on admits to Clemson University. Housing is one of the most important aspects of your experience in US. So, Having Stayed in Tillman’s Place for a year now, I would like to give a short review about my experience to help you guys on finalizing the Housing.

If you are a person who is fond of calmness and prefer to have your own space away from chaos, then Tillman’s Place is the perfect place to live in. Waking up in the morning listening to chirping of birds will certainly rejuvenate your mind and make your day cheerful. Apartments in Tillman’s are quite spacious, well-structured, and properly maintained as compared to other options. Staying in Tillman’s will definitely help you to socialize not only with the Indian Community but also Americans which would further enhance your experience of staying in US. You might also be able to attend various parties arranged by them as they are very friendly and interested to know and experience our Indian Culture. There have been instances when we have called them over and made them burst out their taste buds by making them try Indian Masalas, Spices, Pickles, etc.

When you consider that you can easily walk to the campus and plenty of other essential stores by living in a spacious apartment at a reasonable rate with a peaceful surrounding which will further help you to focus on your studies, definitely puts Tillman’s Place as one of  the most popular off-campus apartments.


Tillman’s Place is located at a distance of less than a mile from Campus and takes around 15 to 20 mins If you decide on walking and takes hardly 5 mins if you choose to travel by CAT Bus on the Red Route. The famous Electric CAT Bus which runs in Clemson has a bus stop near Tillman’s Place named as Crawford Falls Bus Stop.

Walking distance to

  1. Publix: If you ever run out of any groceries, Publix which is supermarket is just 5 mins walking distance away from you. Publix provides with wide selection of Groceries, Deli, Bakery products and the best thing which is Indian ready to eat food. Only takedown is that Publix is slightly expensive but provides better quality and more variety compared to other supermarkets.
  2. TigerMart: TigerMart, a convenience store most commonly visited to get some liquor, pack of cigarettes and other essential goods. Tiger Wash Clemson Laundromat for laundry and a Car Wash are located besides TigerMart.
  3. Great Clips: Great Clips is a hair salon which is around 1 mile away from Tillman’s Place. It is very popular among Indians as you can get haircuts done at as low as 7 dollars by using coupons. Alongside Great Clips, there is Domino’s Pizza to satisfy your pizza cravings. UPS Store for shipping and mailing services is also located alongside Great Clips.
  4. Restaurants: A wide variety of restaurants such as IHOP (Pancakes & other American breakfast & diner fare), Red Bowl Asian Bistro (Sushi, Thai, Chinese & Japanese food), Habanero’s Mexican Grill (Tacos, Quesadillas and Nachos),Moe Joe Coffee Co(Coffee spot offering free-trade brews, baked goods, sandwiches),NYC Bagel(famous NYC Bagels and Sandwiches),Bojangles (Cajun fried chicken & signature sides) and many more to satisfy the cravings of a foodie living in Tillman’s.

Amenities –

Swimming pool, Volleyball Court, Basketball Court (Often Used by Indians to Play Cricket), Exercise room. All the apartments (Furnished/Unfurnished) are fully equipped with Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Microwave and Oven.

Lease term – 9 – 12 months usually

Price and Floor Plans:

4 BHK (with 2 Bathrooms) – 1200-1350$

$45-$55 for utilities

Property managers:

  • Carolina Real Estate
  • Tiger Properties
  • Clemson 1 Housing
  • Foothill’s Property Management


I would suggest to lease your apartment with Carolina Real Estate Property Management as majority of Apartments are owned by CRE which provide plenty of options to choose from at reasonable rates .Try to look for Apartments which are located on 1st or 2nd floor which will help to efficiently utilize your balcony space and also, to get a better view of nature from window. Also, try to find Fully Furnished apartments wherever you stay as they consist of almost everything which saves the trouble of searching and buying them elsewhere and also, makes your apartment feel complete.

Hope these short review helps you by providing some key insights of the apartments at Tillman’s Place. Go Tiger’s!

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