Review: Tillman Place

Review: Tillman Place

Author: Neha Paddillaya Editor: Surya

Neha has previously lived in: None

Neha is moving to: Tillman Place 2 Bed

Alright guys, it’s that time of year again… Time to go apartment hunting! I know it’s exhausting and sometimes pretty stressful to think about, especially for people arriving here who don’t know too much about what comes next. I live in Tillman place and Surya asked me to write a review to help you guys.


155 Anderson HWY, Clemson

Located in the heart of Clemson and withing walking distance to campus,  Tillman Place is on the CAT Bus line. The bus stop is right outside the apartment, which means you can track the bus and leave 2-3 mins before the bus arrives!

Options of either 2 or 4 bedroom.

Amenities – Swimming pool, Volleyball Court, exercise room.

Lease term – 9 – 12 months usually


2 bed – 700-850$

4 bed – 1200-1350$

$45-$55 for utilities

Floor Plans:

2 Bed Floor Plan Tillman Place

2 Bed Floor Plan Tillman Place


4 Bed Floor Plan – Tillman Place

Property managers:

Carolina Real Estate – 392 College Ave #1, Clemson, SC 29631

Advantage Real Estate-  391 College Ave #103, Clemson, SC 29631

Walking distance to – Publix (supermarket where you can occasionally find some Indian ready to eat food :D), iHOP (Best breakfast :P),  Moe Joe (great place to grab a coffee),  BiLO, Tigermart, Gas station, Car wash station is just 2 mins walk. Edit: She forgot Super Taco. If there’s a reason to live here, it has to be Super Taco.

When you consider that you can easily walk to the stadium (and more importantly of course) the tailgates on game day, it definitely puts it in the running of the most popular off-campus apartments.


Surya’s notes: Not a fan of the location, but the houses are great. You will be living a fair distance away from 70% of the Indians in Clemson. 2 Bed apartments at 806 / 807 /810 / 820 College Avenue might be a better option. See main guide for details.

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