General Accommodation Guide

Author: Priya Das Edits: Surya

[Link to CISA Article]



Accommodation Options [Google Map]

University Place [Review] Rent is 900 – 1200 USD for 4 bedroom 2 bath.


University Village [Review] Too far from campus. Pick this only if you have a car.

Le Mans (806 / 807 / 820 College Avenue) [Review]

University Place [Review]

Tillman Place [Review]


Many more are there but I’m not aware of them. These are the places where most of my friends stay. I stay in University Place which is sort of like mini India.

Property Managers 

You have to rent out a property from a property manager. They may not know the name of a location (University Place), so use the address if they get confused (220 Elm Street). Pro tip: Use “living room” instead of hall.

  1. Foothills Property Management (
  2. Tiger Properties – ( )
  3. Carolina Real Estate – ( )
  4. Advantage Property Management – ( )
  5. Clemson Lofts – ( )
  6. The Gallery
  7. Direct House – Owners ( I have no idea )Please don’t ask seniors to personally sort the rental thing out for you (unless you know someone personally). Everything is possible via email. Contact just in case of emergencies. However, I don’t see any emergency arising in this issue.

Facebook Groups

Use groups for this (not pages, no one reads public posts on Facebook pages).

1) Clemson Indian Student Association – Post there that you need roommates. Or you want to sublease. You’ll definitely get a response. 2) Clemson Fall 2016 – Same as above. 3) Clemson Housing Connection 4) Clemson Housing (Sublease Only) 5) Clemson Housing and Roommates

The 3rd, 4th and 5th pages might not ensure an Indian roommate necessarily.

TIPS 1) Whichever accommodation you choose, see to it that it lies close to or next to a CAT Red Route Bus Stop ( 2) Get started with finalizing on your apartment as soon as possible because you might lose out on good apartments. 3) So for the above thing to happen, get started on selecting roommates. 4) Make Google your best friend in this situation. Otherwise we’re there to help. But keep us as a backup option if google fails, and not the other way round. 5) There are pros and cons to every place. Ask people who currently stay there for what they think about their place. 6) Read –

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