Tax Forms 2015

Note, Videos don’t have audio. These are the second videos I’ve recorded, and the microphone didn’t record any voice in these, so may record a third time this weekend.

This article is specific to India students in Clemson who were paid wages in 2015. This article is specific to tax for 2015.

Assumptions: Your only source of Income is from Clemson / South Carolina. You are a resident of India. You are single.

Most of the information here is from experience and reading forms created by other services. CISA or anyone else is not liable for damages caused by you using these instructions.

Please ask all questions using comments on this page to keep everything on one page.

To Fill:

Get the forms (PDF’s) below and use FoxIt Reader to edit them on a computer. Ideally you should only use a pen to sign these forms. Everything else should be done a computer. Shred all documents with your SSN that you aren’t using / mailing.

Federal Taxes:

Forms Needed:

1040 NR EZ

Form 8843

Instructions and Tax Table for 1040 NR EZ

FoxIt Reader to edit forms on a computer.

Video Instructions

8843 Video Instructions


SC Taxes:

Find a form


1040 Schedule NR

Tax Table

Video Instructions


To Post:

Sign and date all copies of your forms. Your return is rejected if you don’t.

Ask the post office for envelopes to mail your tax forms. These might already have a stamp on them. You will need additional postage of about 21 cents on the envelope with your SC Tax because it has more paper in it.

Make sure you know where the To and Return address go (Click this link for an example). This is the opposite of the Indian system, and you will get your tax forms mailed to yourself if you get it wrong.

Federal Taxes:

Staple the documents in the following order: W2, 1040 NR EZ, 8843

Mail the documents to:

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service

Kansas City, MO 64999-0014


SC Taxes (If you are getting a refund, and don’t owe more taxes):

Staple the documents in the following order: W2, SC1040, Schedule NR, 1040 NR EZ, 8843

Mail the document to:

SC1040 Processing Center

P.O. Box 101100

Columbia, SC 29211-0100