Fall 2016 Transportation Instructions

Author: Paritra Mandal

Please read Transportation for general instructions.

As we prepare for welcoming you all this August, we need you to keep certain things in mind. This is a guideline for the new students and it contains all the do’s and don’ts while you plan your trip to Clemson. It allows for stress free travel for you, your parents and the employees in Clemson. You are advised to go through the transportation page carefully. The Airport shuttle service is offered by Clemson University, and assisted by CISA. You need to fill up all our forms for a smooth service.
1. Go to http://ClemsonBus.com and see available shuttles. Check for air tickets that reach the same airport about 1 hour before the shuttle leave.

2. Buy the air ticket.

3. Sign up for a ride. You will need to request rides according to when you are arriving. You are encouraged to consider 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th and 12th of August as preferable arrival dates.
Clemson University has said they will not serve Atlanta airport anymore due to the traffic, parking and liability issues. CISA will be following suit.

4.  Fill up the CISA TRANSPORT FORM with your itineraries, and then mail your ticket to paritrm@clemson.edu. Both steps are required.

5. All of you are requested to update flight status (whether on time or delayed) during your travel or any other time to us immediately to the best of your ability so we know where you are. It may be a bit stressful with all the running around in case of changes, but we urge you to let us know about any changes, through the airport Wifis. Use email / Whatsapp / Facebook.
You can always keep me in the loop, but these are the following people you should get in touch with during travel if you are travelling from these respective departure ports. Add them on your contact list if you have not already done so.
a) Bangalore – Anvesh Raj (+1-864-986-5847)
b) Mumbai – Disha Shah (+1-980-777-9313)
c) Hyderabad – Nandeesh K (+1-864-986-5905)
d) Kolkata – Om Joshi -(+1-312-975-4537)
e) Delhi – Mohan Valluri (+1-864-850-8541)
f) Any other state – Chaitanya Banthia(+1-864-986-5889)
g) Chennai – Paritra (+1-908-313-2730)
Helpful Tips/ Do’s and Don’ts –
1)While booking your flights, make sure the port-of-entry lay overs are a minimum of 3 hours, so you don’t stress out looking for the correct gates. Reason: Students took 2.5 hour layovers and about ~30 of them missed their flights. Had to wait for an extra 12 hours minimum.
2)Please ensure you know all the baggage details that you are allowed and not to avoid paying extra.
3)As soon as you sign up for Ridepost (Clemson Airport Shuttle) please make sure you look for the shuttle times that match your flight times and not single rides.
4)If parents are travelling with you, let us know. Additional requests need to be made to Clemson University, or they might reject the service.
5)Please be prepared for a wait period of minimum 1 hour till your shuttle picks you up.
6)Clemson will cancel a shuttle if there are less than 5 people who are travelling, so group travels are highly encouraged. Inform, coordinate and encourage all your friends to travel on the same day as much as possible.
Despite the seemingly formal procedures, me, everyone in the Transport Officers’ team and members of CISA appreciate your cooperation and we are very excited to welcome you and have you as a part of Clemson!
Best Wishes,
Paritra Mandal
(Welcome Administrator)