Fall Instructions

Pick-ups will be arranged by CISA with the help of Parking and Transportation services for new students.

If you are going to study in ICAR (Automotive) or another program in Greenville, please see the end of this page.

This service is offered only to the Greenville Airport. Shuttles from Charlotte airport may be offered on limited dates.

Why must I pick a flight to Greenville?

It allows us to provide free or very cheap pick ups, and is not a huge workload for us. Things go wrong. Flights get delayed, or baggage is lost / delayed. While a domestic flight being delayed is not a big problem to deal with, most problems arise because your first leg is delayed. In Fall 2015, the first 40 students who flew to Charlotte all missed their connecting flights and were delayed between 8 – 14 hours. Imagine a scenario like this: You have three legs in your flight:

Bombay to London, London to Dallas, Dallas to Greenville

If you flight from Bombay to London gets delayed, you will miss Flight 2 (from London to Dallas). This means your next flight from London to Dallas will be either 4, or 12 hours from your new landing time.

This means you will completely miss the third leg of your flight, and might just get a different flight for your last leg.

This also means your luggage will be re-routed, and you may have to go back to Charlotte to pick it up, if it is delayed or lost. (Some airlines drop bags to your home, some don’t).

The charge for pick-ups will be as follows:

Pick ups through Ridepost Shuttles (Parking and Transportation) FREE
Pick ups by car provided by volunteer Cost of gas (Usually $10 – $15)
Pick ups by car (Car rental) Cost of car rental ($40 – $90) + gas

Our aim is to make you (and your family) as comfortable as possible, and our volunteer will be at the airport to assist you. The volunteer will try and get you food (select options) and help you call home to let your family know you’ve reached Clemson.

How do I register for free Pick ups through Parking and Transportation services?


Read for some tips from Clemson University.

How do I register for CISA / CU-ICAR Student Association pick ups?

Register for CISA pick ups if you can’t use the Free Ride Post shuttles using this form. We will forward your information to the CU-ICAR leaders if you’re going to study in ICAR / Greenville.

Once you have completed the form, verify the details by contacting our volunteer, and someone will confirm if we can offer the pickup.

ICAR Greenville Students

ICAR seniors have offered to not charge for picking you up from the GSP airport. However, to make it easy for everyone, please try and use the Ridepost service if you can.

Questions? Need help?

Contact our volunteers (Whatsapp / Facebook):

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  1. Hi I am coming as a visiting scholar on J1 to atlanta on 16th august. My flight is scheduled to reach atlanta at 3.25 pm. Is there a possibility for you to arrange a transportation for me to clemson on 16th august. I will be sharing the expenses.can you please let me know the options and cost.
    Thank you very much.

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