Day: May 1, 2016

General Accommodation Guide

Author: Priya Das Edits: Surya [Link to CISA Article]   Accommodation Options [Google Map] University Place [Review] Rent is 900 – 1200 USD for 4 bedroom 2 bath.   University Village [Review] Too far from campus. Pick this only if you have a car. Le Mans (806 / 807 / 820 College Avenue) [Review] University Place [Review] […]

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Review: Tillman Place

Author: Neha Paddillaya Editor: Surya Neha has previously lived in: None Neha is moving to: Tillman Place 2 Bed Alright guys, it’s that time of year again… Time to go apartment hunting! I know it’s exhausting and sometimes pretty stressful to think about, especially for people arriving here who don’t know too much about what comes […]

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